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On the field. The XFL's opening game took place on February 3, 2001, one year after the league was announced, less than one week following the NFL's Super Bowl.

I was fine with this deception until the knee-grows finally drove a stake into the heart of my beloved league the NFL this year! I mean, all that good, clean white ...

It is March and with the madness spreading across the nation, it is the perfect time to make some brackets and figure out which cities should host the XFL in 2020.

I am very excited to see the XFL return! I was a big fan of it, would luv to see you guys have it on your site. I am pretty sure with the NFL these days that ...

Johnny Manziel would reportedly not even be eligible for the rebirth of the XFL.

August 28, 2017 11:55am EDT August 28, 2017 8:02am EDT If you thought the build up to the big fight was a bit much, check these out. Ali vs. Inoki (Getty Images)

Rumor has it the WWE could be bringing back the XFL, but given the erosion of both WWE and NFL in today's pop culture climate, this has all the makings of ...

Below is our live coverage of today's Vince McMahon press conference announcing the revival of the XFL: - The XFL will relaunch in 2020. They want fan input on how ...

The following are nicknames throughout the history of the National Football League (NFL).

The founder of WWE and architect of the XFL, announced Thursday that he is bringing back the professional football league he started back in 2001.

How The Xfl S Nfl S Rules Were Different Heavy Com

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How The Xfl S Nfl S Rules Were Different Heavy Com

15 Years Later The Nfl Should Thank The Xfl For All Those Innovations


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10 Things You Might Have Forgotten About The Xfl Goliath

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