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Neti pot therapy for your sinus problems. One of the common queries regarding uncured sinusitis is whether the sinusitis can give vision problem.

One of the common queries regarding uncured sinusitis is whether the sinusitis can give vision problem. Actually, sinusitis is closely associated with vision problems and are very much related to one another. Sinusitis Cold may cause swelling in the sinus, which avoids the outflow of mucus. This can lead to a sinus infection.

Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of excessive dog tears and canine watery eyes.

For relief of nasal congestion and sinus pressure try Zicam® No-Drip Liquid® Nasal Gel available in two flavors: Aloe Vera and Menthol & Eucalyptus.

Hi Niman, Thanks for the comment! I am a bit confused about what you are asking… Histamines can cause watery eyes, nasal congestion and sore throat.

Our products. Our homeopathic Zicam ® Cold Remedy products are clinically proven* to shorten colds when taken at the first sign, so you can go from Pre-Cold ® to No Cold, Faster ™.. In addition to cold remedies, Zicam ® also offers a range of products for homeopathic allergy relief, homeopathic cold relief for kids, nasal congestion and sinus relief. ...

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Sinus drainage can cause sore throat, bad breath, nausea and even cough. Learn to identify the symptoms as well as get remedies for sinus drainage.

WebMD examines the use of Neti pots to help relieve sinus problems and allergy symptoms.

Help, my sinuses are killing me! Have you ever said that? Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever taken medicine for sinuses? If you haven't, you are unusual because every year over one and a half billion dollars worth of "sinus" medicine is purchased in America for the symptoms of sinus disease (i.e., stuffy nose, congestion, headache, and nasal drainage).

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