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Watery eyes: Symptom — Overview covers definition, possible causes of excess tearing.

We expound on dog watery eyes allergic reactions, why it causes tear staining and what to tell when it happens accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharge.

When you have runny itchy, itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip (mucus running down the back of your throat) and coughing, what do you take?

Eye allergies — red, itchy, watery eyes that are bothered by the same irritants that cause sneezing and a runny nose among seasonal allergy sufferers — are very common. And in some cases, eye allergies can play a role in conjunctivitis (pink eye) and other eye infections. If you think you have ...

Here are nine causes of constant watery eyes, plus how to stop them with home remedies and when to see a doctor.

Is it allergies or a cold? The weather is getting warmer. Spring is in bloom. The symptoms start: runny nose, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and scratchy throat.

Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of excessive dog tears and canine watery eyes.

Watery eyes symptoms include constantly tearing eyes as also burning or pricking sensation in the eyes which may also be accompanied with some amount of redness of the eye.

Cold vs Allergy Symptoms Cold Symptoms Vs. Allergy Symptoms: Which one is it? From a runny nose and sneezing to headaches and an itchy throat, cold symptoms and allergy symptoms can have significant overlap.

Watery eyes is a result of excess tear production or poor drainage of the tear duct or long exposure to sun, here are some tips and home remedies that can help to cure watery eyes.

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