Tutorial Drum Reggae

In Tutorial 1 we looked at how to lay down the basic beats for reggae in a DAW (FLstudio, Reason, Cubase, AcidPro etc). If you're not completely ...

2) Bass drum/snare. The most simple and effective beat in reggae is the one-drop. This means that the bass drum drops only once, on our pivotal third ...

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvXruASX0pE Für Ubuntu Anwender gibt es mit LMMS ein äußerst leistungsfähiges Musikprogramm, dass seinem Vorbild FL Studio sehr ...

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Big thanks to Jake & David @ Shattered Emerald for having me out to play!

The Amen break is a 6- to 7-second (4-bar) drum solo performed by Gregory Sylvester "G. C." Coleman in the song "Amen, Brother" performed by the 1960s funk and soul ...

The drums: One of the most fundamental elements of any type of deep house music is the driving drum’s. The drum patterns tend to follow a 4/4 beat format ...

After eight amazing years, our beloved music platform is shutting down.

How to Rap Part 1: Cadence and Rhythm. This tutorial walks you through the essential techniques used in rap with video and audio examples to help guide you.

Kvr Roots Reggae By Ueberschall Drums Vst Plugin Audio Units

roots reggae

10 Reggae Drum Beats For Beginners

these drum beats are for any ability even complete beginner i would however recommend learning pop and rock first for example 10 basic rock drum beats

Feel It In The One Drop A Roots Riddims Tutorial

finally due to the influence of rastafari on roots reggae one often finds hand drums in roots riddims one will want to acquaint oneself with the

Logic Pro X Making Reggae Dub 16 Percussion Hand Drums 1 Youtube

logic pro x making reggae dub 16 percussion hand drums 1

How To Create A Simple Reggae Beat On Fl Studio Youtube

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