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Falcon Heavy draws upon Falcon 9’s proven design, which minimizes stage separation events and maximizes reliability. The second-stage Merlin engine, identical to its counterpart on Falcon 9, delivers the rocket’s payload to orbit after the main engines cut off and the first-stage cores separate.

Falcon Heavy is a partially reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle designed and manufactured by SpaceX.It is derived from the Falcon 9 vehicle and consists of a strengthened Falcon 9 first stage as a central core with two additional first stages as strap-on boosters. This increases the low Earth orbit (LEO) maximum payload to 63,800 kilograms (140,700 lb), compared to 22,800 kg (50,300 lb ...

Falcon 9 is a two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX for the reliable and safe transport of satellites and the Dragon spacecraft into orbit.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, on Monday at Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the Falcon Heavy rocket launched on Tuesday afternoon.

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SpaceX has had a very good first test of its Falcon Heavy rocket, the heavy-lift orbital vehicle that can carry twice the weight of its closest competition in active operation. The massive, three-booster rocket took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida as planned on Tuesday at 1:30 PM EST, lifting off ...

Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy is considered to be the successor to NASA's Saturn V. SpaceX It's an Epic Rocket Battle! Or a Clash of the Titans, if you will.

SpaceX has launched its most powerful rocket ever. Falcon Heavy could disrupt the launch industry and help the US military, NASA, and commercial customers.

A “Starman” in a red Roadster: SpaceX’s Tesla Roadster and spacesuited mannequin driver set to launch on the company’s first Falcon Heavy rocket. Credit: SpaceX CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX is poised to make history by launching the world's fourth electric car into space. Years in the ...

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said at a press event for the just-launched Falcon Heavy that SpaceX will now begin focusing in earnest on “BFR,” the code name for its next big space launch vehicle. BFR (aka “big f*cking rocket,” in case you lack imagination) will be designed to be a vehicle capable of ...

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