Elon Musk Vs Jeff Bezos

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture is getting ready for launch. (Blue Origin Photo) All eyes are on Elon Musk as his company SpaceX gets ready to launch its first Falcon Heavy rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida as early as Tuesday, and fellow wealthy space ...

Ahead of Falcon Heavy's maiden launch, Amazon CEO and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos was quick to wish SpaceX — though not its CEO Elon Musk — good luck.

Elon Musk is famous for his futuristic gambles, but Silicon Valley’s latest rush to embrace artificial intelligence scares him. And he thinks you should be frightened too. Inside his efforts to influence the rapidly advancing field and its proponents, and to save humanity from machine-learning overlords.

Then this morning, Jeff Bezos-backed spaceflight company Blue Origin blindsided everyone.The company revealed it had accomplished a rocket landing of its own. After launching the New Shepard rocket to the edge of space, the vehicle gently touched down on the ground at Blue Origin’s test facility.

Elon Musk has, to put it mildly, a penchant for the dramatic. The Tesla C.E.O. has said he wants to send humans to Mars in the next decade. SpaceX’s technology, he has said, could take humans on a trip from Los Angeles to New York in as little as 25 minutes.

In the past month, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have both landed rockets vertically on solid ground, and it seems that both companies are in a heated competition.

Elon Musk Space X MURDER PLOT? Bizarre Reddit post suggests sinister reason behind launch . A WILDLY outlandish Reddit post suggests a dead body was in the car strapped to the three super-powerful SpaceX Falcon Heavy rockets.

READ MORE: Jeff Bezos' private space company, Blue Origin, just released incredible footage of a reusable-rocket landing SEE ALSO: Elon Musk congratulates Jeff Bezos' for his amazing rocket landing and reminds everyone that SpaceX is still ahead NOW WATCH: Watch the successful test of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft

El fundador de Amazon, Jeff Bezos, durante un acto en Washington. EFE Jeff Bezos, el multimillonario más rico del mundo, mientras se reduce la fortuna de Amancio Ortega

Elon Musk, whose electric car firm Tesla is based near San Jose, California, tweeted that the 2015 biography the anecdote came from was 'mostly correct, but also rife with errors'.

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hilarious video by famed taiwanese animators exaggerates the petty feud between the space entrepreneurs

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